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Book Week 2022: Junior Lunchtime

Monday 29th August 

FIRST BREAK: Join your friends or help younger students make patterned squares, which will all be joined together to create a special quilt based on the book 'The Katha Chest'


Tuesday 30th August 

FIRST BREAK: Have fun guessing answers about bizarre facts from the book called 'No Way!'  For example, how long does the average yawn go for? 3 seconds, 6 seconds, or 9 seconds? 


Wednesday 31st August

FIRST BREAK: We're going down the rabbit hole of reading together. Selected characters from the Alice in Wonderland play have escaped from the magical world and will be coming to read.  Meet Alice, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the White Knight, and the Red Queen.  Please meet at the College Heart tiered seating. 



Thursday 1st September 

FIRST BREAK: Most humans choose a dog to fit their lifestyle and personality.  What happens when a dog chooses their human? Like Kingsley the dog in 'A human for Kingsley', you will choose a dog and then design a human to suit them. 


Friday 2nd September 

FIRST BREAK: Today will be mayhem and madness! Based on the book 'Wonderful shoes', teachers have lent us a pair of shoes - Can you figure out who owns what shoes but more importantly can you and a friend be the fastest ones to match separated pairs? If you wish to participate, join us outside the College Heart.