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Book Week 2019: Reading is my super power

Book Week 2019: Unleash your super power by reading

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Reading Buddies

In class time, during Book Week, pairs of children in the older year levels will read with a pair of buddies from a younger class. 

Year 5 with Year 2

Year 4 with Year 1

Year 3 with Prep

Each year it is such a positive and enriching time together for the children that we love to take the opportunity to do it again.  The older children have chosen two titles from the shortlisted books of previous years.  They will read with their younger buddies and explore what connections the story sparks within each reader eg: 

Text to text - " This reminds me of another story..."

Text to self - "I understand how that character feels because..."

Text to world - "That situation is similar to what has been on the news..."

Can you predict what will happen next?

That little boy's lip is quivering and he's all by himself.  What can you infer from that?

Once buddy time has occurred, go to each class page to see photos of class reading buddies.

Year Level Displays - coming soon

Each year level is making a display based on a shortlisted or notable book which relates to current or recent classroom learning. Click on the links below to see the wonderful display by each year level.  These were created during art lessons with Mrs Goodridge.

Visit the Library and See our New Displays

Library displays