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Welcome to Redlands College Library

Quick Start

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How to use the library printers

Navigating the library

The Junior School Library is on the ground floor of the College Heart and caters for junior school students however, all students are welcome to borrow resources.  It contains various resources such as fiction and non-fiction. There is also a selection of biographies/autobiographies, graphic novels, and magazines.  

The Middle and Senior Library is also located on the ground floor of the College Heart and caters for middle and senior school students.  The Wide Reading (WR) section has a range of fiction books for students in years 7 to 12.  These books are classified according to the books genre.

The Senior (S) fiction books are strictly for senior students only (years 10-12) as the content within these books is not considered appropriate for younger students.  

Our Young Adult (YA) fiction section is for year 12 students only.

There is also a vast array of non-fiction books, Senior Picture Books (SPB), autobiographies/biographies, graphic novels and magazines available to borrow.  

In the Middle/Senior Library you will see a genre sticker on the spine of each Wide Reading (WR) book. This is to help guide your reading choices and can be a quick and easy way to help you choose your next book.  The following is a list of genres and their corresponding images.































Science Fiction






















Library catalogue

You can search the library catalogue by word, genre, subject, title, author or series.  You also have the option of conducting an advanced search which has more search fields and allows you to enter in more information.  The advanced search also gives you the option of searching different collections and types of resources.

Junior students can access the library catalogue by simply clicking on the OLLY link in the top right hand corner of the library catalogue search page.  

Middle and senior students can view loans or reserve books be logging into the library catalogue search page.  

Parents can access resources in the parent library by first selecting 'advanced search'.  Then types=all, branches=all and collections=parent library. This will then allow you to search all 199 resources available in the parent library.

If you have any questions or would like further instructions on using the catalogue please visit us in the library.


Would you like the library to consider purchasing a new book?

Protecting your textbooks and library books - saving you from problems



The library issues textbooks to middle and senior students and all students have access to a wide range of library books.  Once a student has borrowed a textbook or library book under their name it becomes their responsibility.  It is up to the student to look after their textbook/s.  That means protecting it from food, drink, rain and any other item that can cause damage.  Middle and senior students are strongly encouraged to store textbooks in a zip-lock plastic bag when it is in their locker or their school bag to ensure it stays dry.  The lockers are good but not perfect and water can find its way to books during a storm or if a water bottle in the above locker is leaking.  Junior students must use library bags.  If a textbook or library book becomes damaged, including unintentional damage, you need to hand it to a library staff member as soon as possible.  We can see on our records immediately who had it last anyway.  The library staff understand that sometimes accidents happen.  If a damaged item can be easily repaired, it will be.  Otherwise, if it is water damaged or not in an acceptable condition for the next student, an invoice for replacement will be sent.  Water damaged items will always be invoiced as mould grows on them and that is a health and safety issue. This is not a punishment, just cost of replacement and an administration fee.  It is important that students take responsibility for the resources they are using and show respect for others who will need the same resources.  Students who just put damaged items down the return chute without notifying us will be asked to explain their actions.  

Introduction to the Dewey Decimal System

This 3 minute YouTube video was created by Bentley Media Center.  It explains how the Dewey Decimal System works and how you can use it to locate non-fiction and fiction books in the library.