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Parents: How to Raise a Reader

Why reading is so important

Raise a reader

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This YouTube video about Jackie French was produced by Australian of the Year Awards in 2015.  In this video Jackie shares her love of books and how she wrote her first book at 6 years of age.  Jackie is dyslexic and yet has written over 150 books.  She is a passionate advocate for raising a reader and in this video says that "reading and stories are the most powerful things you can give to a child" (Jackie French, 2015).  You can find out more about Jackie French on her website.  To see all the books Jackie French has published visit here.

Be a reader to raise a reader


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As a parent or carer of a child the most powerful thing you can do to encourage them to read is let them see you reading.  It doesn't have to be a novel, it might just be the newspaper or a magazine but by modelling the behaviour you desire to see in your child you are encouraging them to do the same.

Inspire your child to read has 20 inspiring quotes about reading for kids and students.

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Story Time from Space - Literacy and STEM

Written by: Mark Kelly| Read by: Scott Kelly | Run Time: 8:07 Minutes

Read to my child


Let children read anything!

Graphic Novels

Tips for encouraging your child to read

Reading Rockets is a great website that provides tips for encouraging your child to read and gives helpful advice if your child is struggling to read.